The Southwest Lacrosse Club is dedicated to the promotion, organization and development of youth lacrosse in the southwest Seattle metro areaYouth participation is limited within those boundaries listed below. We provide a safe and fun opportunity for

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The board typically meets once per month from September to June. Occasionally there may be focused meetings with a special purpose by a subset of members. Likewise, if there is too much business requiring follow-up that cannot wait a month until the next meeting, there may be 2 meetings with a month. Board meetings are typically 1.5 to 2 hours long.


Function: The President is part of the elect board and has an equal vote on all issues concerning the SWLC.

  • Preside over all scheduled and special SWLC meetings.
  • Oversee all committees and activities for the SWLC to include appointment of committees and associated chairpersons and become ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Oversee purchasing of all products and ensure compliance with set budget.
  • Oversee financials to ensure viability of the club.
  • Coordinate meetings and act as primary liaison with coaches and athletic director as required.
  • Approve all content posted on the SWLC website.
  • Oversee the scholarship process.
  • Oversee changes / addendums to the By Laws.
  • Communicate with parents regarding issues as required.
  • Attend all Board meetings.


The Vice President is part of the elect board and has an equal vote on all issues concerning SWLC.

  • Preside over SWLC meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Assist the President with overseeing all aspects of the SWLC. 
  • Oversee finances and adherence to budget.
  • Assist in the communication with parents as required.
  • Attend all Board meetings.


The Treasurer is a part of the elect board and has an equal vote on all issues concerning SWLC.

  • Maintain organized financial records of all funds for the organization
  • Present a statement of accounts at all regular meetings and at other times when requested to do so by the President. 
  • Receive and deposit all monies due to the SWLC.
  • Disburse funds of the Club only for purposes approved by the Board of Directors or the Club.
  • Oversee all expenses and ensure adherence to set budget. The ledgers, spreadsheets and banking records shall be open for the review of the Board at any time. The accounts of the Treasurer may be audited by a committee approved by the President. 
  • Maintain player account spreadsheets in a timely manner.
  • Process the scholarship fund as approved by the Board.
  • Attend all Board meetings.


The Secretary is a part of the elect board and has an equal vote on all issues concerning SWLC.

  • Record all Board meeting minutes for the SWLC. 
  • Record, distribute and post on the SWLC website a copy of minutes from all Board meetings in a timely manner
  • Maintain player and parent contact information and email lists.
  • Act as primary liaison with school administration including athletic secretary, facilities person, etc.

Field Coordinator

The field coordinator schedules fields for practice and game use for the season with field vendors.

  • Attend SWLC Board Meetings.
  • Determine practice and game field needs from coaches at all grade levels prior to beginning of season.
  • Send in field requests based on team needs to City of Burien, City of SeaTac, Highline School District by appropriate deadlines. 
  • Work with Athletic Directors from area High Schools to request field time on turf fields.
  • Work with with coaches prior to beginning of season and review procedures on how to read master schedule, how to request additional fields, etc.
  • Work with parent leagues to assign home game field times.
  • Distribute field permits to coaches and team parents.
  • Acquire additional field time during season as appropriate
  • Submit and approve field invoices to SWLC treasurer.

Team Parent Liaison / Communications

  • Act as a direct liaison between the Southwest Lacrosse Club Board and each Team Parent to effectively communicate & organize: Team rosters, events, pictures, team volunteers for games & community events.
  • Provide communication to the SWLC community via Facebook, Twitter and bulk email communication

Equipment Manager

  • Responsible to purchase, maintain, organize and update equipment and uniforms including goals, nets and other team equipment.
  • At the beginning and end of the season, the SWLC distributes lacrosse equipment to youth players and distributes uniforms to all lacrosse players. 
  • Volunteers who assist with equipment, will help the Board with the tracking & collection of that distribution. 
  • Equipment and uniform collection will be at year end celebration.