The Southwest Lacrosse Club is dedicated to the promotion, organization and development of youth lacrosse in the southwest Seattle metro areaYouth participation is limited within those boundaries listed below. We provide a safe and fun opportunity for

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Q: What ages/grades can play?
A: For 2017 we have the following age division available: 
    Boys: 3/4 (U11)
              5/6 (U13)
              7/8 (U15)
              High School (JV and Varsity)
    Girls: 7/8(U15)
              High School (Varsity)
For more specific guidelines see the boys or girls rules or the USL age regulations page:​

Q: When is the season?
A: Pre-season practices typically starts in the beginning of February with games starting in March and running through May.
    There are some opportunities for post season championships (varsity) and tournaments.
    3/4 - 5/6 Typically practice 2 evenings per week
    7/8 Typically practices 2 evenings per week

Most games on Saturdays in the Seattle metro area (including Bainbridge Island) for the youth divisions. 

    High School typically practices 3-5 times a week but can have 2 games a week.
    The high school games are typically in the evening during the week. Some of the High School teams may arrange a travel game or jamboree in Eastern/Central Washington.

Q: When and where do we practice and play?
A: 3/4 - 5/6 Typically practice 2 evenings per week
    7/8 Typically practices 3 evenings per week
    Most youth games are on Saturdays  in the Seattle metro area (including Bainbridge Island).
    High School typically practices 3 - 5 evenings per week    
    The high school games are typically in the evening during the week, on occasion may occur on Saturday. Some of the High School teams may arrange a travel game or jamboree in Eastern/Central Washington.
    Our home fields are in Burien, some practices may occur in West Seattle or Tukwila in some cases or some times of the year.

Q: What equipment is required?
A: Boys: Helmet (white), shoulder pads, elbow pads, rib pads (optional), gloves, protective cup, stick (depends upon position), mouth guard, cleats, chest protector (goalie), shin guards (optional goalie)
    Girls: Goggles, stick (depends upon position), chest protector (goalie), shin guards (optional goalie).

Equipment can be found locally or online. For boy's youth, you can find some good starter packages that provide you all the pads, helmet, and midfield stick for about $200 new. You can also find some used equipment on Craigslist, or at Play It Again Sports. Examples of online retailers are:,,,  Local retailer examples are Dick's Sporting Goods, Lacrosse World in Bellevue.

NOTE:  We have some goalie gear to use as the players learn the position but the players that prefer that position are encouraged to provide equipment that fits them better or provide additional protection (goalie gloves or glove goalie thumb, padded compression shorts/leg pads, etc).
     For more details see:

Q: Lacrosse is new to us, what are the rules?
The US Lacrosse web site has all the rules documented, you can view online, download as a PDF, or even order an official rule book if so inclined. The rules are available here for the respective programs (girls, boys, youth):​

Q: What else is required?
A: U.S. Lacrosse player membership. The USL membership provides the player insurance coverage if not covered under health insurance, or if covered, provides supplemental coverage. It also provides coverage for our teams during practice and games and helps to keep the registration fees down.

Volunteering: Our club is all volunteers; teams need help with team parent and assistant coaching positions and during games to keep score, time keeping, sideline manager (sportsmanship). We also need help on the board as an officer or supplemental board member.